Authentic timber looking windows without compromising on modern benefits

Supplied by Listers to installers across the country, Timeless flush sash windows combine the low maintenance benefits of uPVC with the authentic designs of traditional timber window frames. This allows your customers to get the best of both worlds. Decorative features and authentic finishes combined with modern designs are popular with homeowners across Britain. Timeless flush sash windows are ideal for classic builds and new projects alike, making them a versatile product to add to your range.

The open out flush sash design blends the ease of use of casement windows with the traditional character of a sash window. Timeless sash windows are reminiscent of early 19th century timber windows, perfect for heritage homes and projects in conservation areas. Whilst they look like traditional windows, they offer all the modern benefits to keep homes comfortable and secure. Thanks to the five chamber insulation, these windows offer end users all year round warmth and enhanced soundproofing. The latter is ideal if they live in built up areas or near a busy road.

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Timeless Flush Sash Windows