Sheerline Classic – Beadless, Slimline Aluminium Windows

Listers are proud trade suppliers of the Sheerline’s Classic slimline aluminium windows. These ultra slim, ultra secure windows make for an eye catching addition to any home in your coverage are. Slimline windows are incredibly popular right now, and these are an industry leading version of just that.

Originally manufactured right here in the UK by Sheerline, we supply these slimline aluminium windows to installers across the country. We are suppliers of both their Prestige and Classic system, with this one, the latter, being a unique beadless slimline aluminium window.

With sightlines of just 59mm, these slimline aluminium windows are among the sleekest on the market. Despite this, they offer low U-values, accredited standards of security and total weatherproofing. These all incredibly desirable commodities for homeowners local to you.

Sheerline Classic Bay Cut Through