uPVC casement windows that evoke the appearance of traditional styles

Helping installers cater for projects that cover traditional property styles, at Listers we supply a range of mock horn casement windows help to add a touch of classic charm to contemporary properties. Mock horn casement windows combine a simple top opening function with all the security and thermal benefits of a classic casement window.

The purpose of this window design is to successfully emulate the look and feel of true timber windows which sport a seamless sash horn, within a style that’s more affordable and far more flexible. Sash horns create a traditional look that allows simple casement frames to smoothly replace older wooden sash windows, equally adding a little more character to more modern builds.

Mock horn casement windows are designed to be a continuation of the window frame itself, offering customers in your coverage area a unique addition to their home. This feature eliminates any unsightly glue lines or exposed screw heads, for a smooth and elegant finish that homeowners love.

Casements windows are the most popular and versatile style of window with customers on the market. They are attached to a frame by one or more hinges and a mechanism which cranks the window outwards, safely away from the property. Every mock horn casement window supplied by Listers comes engineered in a 70mm uPVC profile. The PCE low line concealed gaskets and TSL security locking features can easily be integrated with optional extras, for example, safety catches and trickle vents. These modern features enhance the performance without compromising on the authentic look of the mock horn design. Customers can choose how modern or how authentic they want their mock horn window to look when installed by you. Our mock horn casement windows also come with a ten year guarantee when supplied by Listers.

Mock horn casement windows replicate the look and feel of classic timber windows which feature a seamless sash horn. This makes mock horn windows ideal for any of your customers looking to replace older wooden sash windows or to add a little more character to their modern build project. If your customer wants to add a fire escape, an inward opening tilt and turn sash can be fitted to the bottom half of the window. Get a trade supply quote for our mock horn casement windows by contacting us today.

Mock Sash Horn Profile