PVCu windows that evoke the appearance of traditional sliding sash styles

Helping installers, builders, and architects cater for projects that cover traditional property styles, our range of Mock Horn Casement Windows helps to add a touch of classic charm. Engineered using one of Elitis’ durable uPVC systems, the window’s defining feature is the mock sash horn, which is designed to be a continuation of the frame itself meaning no horrible glue lines or exposed screw heads.

The purpose of this design is to successfully emulate the look and feel of true timber windows which sport a seamless sash horn, within a style that’s more affordable and far more flexible. Sash horns create a traditional look that allows simple casement frames to smoothly replace older wooden sash windows, equally adding a little more character to more modern builds. This is all accomplished while retaining the ‘A’ rated energy efficiency levels found in other Elitis uPVC systems.

Mock Sash Horn Profile