Market Leading Aluminium Patio Doors

Patio doors can enhance the look, security and value of any home. For this reason, they have remained ever-popular with UK homeowners. You need to be installing a quality range, and you get just that with Listers’ aluminium variant. Aluminium sliding doors work to bring the outside world into the property, gaining access to fresh air and natural light, creating a more open plan living space.

Combining uninterrupted views, flexible design and fantastic aesthetics, aluminium patio doors are durable and consistently high performing. Despite the slim sightlines, these patio doors carry up to 300kg of weight. This allows the doors to span large apertures with fewer panels and reach heights of up to 2700mm. The size of double or triple glazed units does not affect the smooth single finger operation of the opening mechanism and creates beautiful light open spaces and ease of access. You can cater to any homeowner and any project with this versatility.

Many people with homes that overheat in summer find that patio doors are a great way to cool the home with fresh air without the expense of air conditioning. The cornerless opening allows homeowners to open up the interior of their property and create a contemporary open plan space. Get a trade price today or find out more about our products by contacting us.

RAUM Sliding patio door profile