Stylish, efficient, and high performing aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold doors balance optimal performance with modern benefits. At Listers, we supply bifold doors to installers that are engineered using aluminium and can be configured to panel combinations of between two and seven. These doors can cover entrance ways of up to 7 meters across. Allow your customers to enjoy an increased height and space with this elegant aluminium bifold door system.

The entire system can be supplied to accommodate left, right and split openings. A traffic door option is also available, making it easier for your homeowners and their guests to come in and out without having to slide the door open in full. Adjustable jambs serve to make the installation process hassle free for you, helping you enjoy fast fitting turnarounds with both commercial and domestic projects.

Aluminium bifold doors are extremely versatile as they come in four different types of thresholds: high, medium, low and flat bottom. All these thresholds have exceptional weatherproof qualities. These sleek and modern aluminium bifold doors make it easy to remove the divide between home and garden by folding back a series of door leaves. This aluminium door can offer your customers the ability to transform any room in their home into a tranquil living space that benefits from abundant natural light and outstanding panoramic views. Get in touch with us today for a competitive trade price on our bifold doors.