Lightweight yet strong replacement roof systems

At Listers, we supply Ultraroof 380 to installers across the country. Ultraroof 380 is a tiled hybrid design the allows for the inclusion of numerous glass panels, enabling homeowners to benefit from fantastic natural lighting within the home. This versatile system is a fantastic and flexible addition to any double glazing range as it suits all types of properties across the UK.

Ultraroof 380 features a box beam that measures 380mm wide and runs around the perimeter of the roof, sitting on window frames and walls. It’s this box beam feature that ensures this roofing design is so strong it never needs a tie bar. They are the lightest tiled conservatory roof on the market, designed to perfectly replace existing conservatory roofs. The lightweight panels are cut to size and easy to manoeuvre. Although the Ultraroof 380 is lightweight, it is also incredibly strong. The tiled conservatory roof is light and will not cause undue pressure on any existing frames. To ensure the structural integrity of the installation, our supply chains use NASA satellite data to anticipate snow and wind loading in your customer’s postcode.

Whether customers need a replacement conservatory roof or are starting a new project, Ultraroof solid tiled conservatory roofs will reward homeowners with an interior space that’s light, bright, warm and comfortable. Get in touch for a trade supply quote today.

UltraRoof 380 Cross Section