Stylish and energy efficient uPVC conservatories from Eurocell

At Listers, we supply Eurocell conservatories to installers across the country.  Eurocell conservatories are a popular conservatory system with a host of impressive and innovative features designed to eliminate common customer problems. Designed from the ground up by Eurocell’s experienced product development team, the philosophy behind this system has come from listening to installer and homeowner needs and finding solutions to common installation issues. Homeowners are getting the absolute best when you supply our conservatories.

Eurocell conservatories are one of the most advanced and user friendly systems on the market, surpassing the rigorous criteria required for BBA accreditation. Eurocell conservatories feature a glass retention system as standard on every roof design. The ridge top cap can be fitted and lead work completed prior the glazing. This makes it quicker and easier for installers to obtain watertight fittings. Supplied by Listers, these conservatories feature aesthetically pleasing crestings and finials. They are designed with visuals in mind and are maintenance free for the homeowners in your coverage area. Fully foiled ridge top capping is provided for all woodgrain installations as well.

The guttering sits clear in front of the eaves beam, reducing any risk of overflow leaks and protecting your customer’s home. Roof pitches measure between 2.5˚ – 45˚are crafted using 24mm glass or 25mm or 32mm polycarbonate. Patented ridge end sealing assembly reduces the risk of water ingress and overcomes the need for silicone sealing within Eurocell conservatories, keeping the property protected from the elements. Eurocell conservatories are designed to accommodate a wide range of different glazing. Get in touch today to get a competitive trade quote for our range of conservatories.